Jenny and Vincent, Vins sur Caramy,  France

“The cinematography was one of the most important aspects of our wedding for us – we are really happy that we were able to secure Small Popcorn for our event, so that everything went smoothly.

The clips we had seen from Small Popcorn on Vimeo were just what we liked… personal, stylish and a smooth documentary style capturing special moments, very cleverly edited.

We were very impressed with their attention to detail and enthusiasm to help add more clips and photos to make this film extra special. They are very experienced film and documentary makers, which we could clearly tell.

The moments captured in the day were amazing and the editing from the ceremony was perfect with no ‘boring’ bits, the tempo was fast, interesting, emotional and funny!

We are massive music fans and could have given 100 songs we like together, but Small Popcorn selected some very beautiful songs to go with the short video clip and the 2 hour movie.

The speeches were brilliantly videoed and edited too with great sound even thought it was an old echoing castle room.

A good videographer can pick the best from everything you have at the venue, the best flowers and make a simple wedding look spectacular. The memories they make help you to share and remember this special day forever.  We will all look our best that day so better go get that on record with a nice video as we will never look that good again!!

We could not believe the quality of the camera moving pictures and even in the dark dancing moments. It is like we are back on the dancefloor with all our friends and family.

We had wanted wedding videographers, but with Small Popcorn we got professional film makers instead. If anyone else is lucky enough to get a time with them for their wedding, it really will be something you will treasure forever. We were very lucky to find them and will recommend them to couples for their wedding day. ”